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How to Prepare Your Kitchen Appliances for Christmas

How to Prepare Your Kitchen Appliances for Christmas While Christmas is a time for celebration, giving presents and spending time with loved ones, it’s fair to say that the festive… Continue reading »

How to Reduce My Gas Bill

With the hike in energy prices and homeowners becoming more climate conscious, many of us are looking for alternative ways to lead eco-friendly lives. Small steps can make a big… Continue reading »

Smart vs Traditional Appliances

The smart trend, that started with phones and made steady progress, now permeates every area of our lives. Our homes are now full of smart appliances, or at least they… Continue reading »

The Most Effective Ways to Use Kitchen Appliances in the Summer

As the weather warms up and the daylight stretches later into the evening, we inevitably start to spend a lot more of our time outdoors. You may not have thought… Continue reading »

Why Does My Washing Still Smell?

Laundry is one of those day-to-day adult tasks that many of us find tiresome. But, the reward we get from this monotonous chore is fresh clothes that are left with… Continue reading »

Repair or Replace? Save Money on Your Appliance Without Shelling Out

Is your appliance causing you strife? Wondering whether to bother with a repair or shell out for a brand new one? Sometimes it can be tricky to know which is… Continue reading »

What to Do With Food During a Freezer Breakdown

A question we often get asked when we get a booking for a freezer repair is ‘what do I do with all my food?’ well, you’ll be happy to know… Continue reading »

Can Gas Pipes Freeze in Cold Weather?

We get asked this question regularly… and understandably, given the amount of emergencies caused by burst water pipes our engineers have to deal with, and the fast answer is no,… Continue reading »

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