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Help & Advice: Energy Saving Hacks for Your Home Appliances

Energy Saving Hacks for Your Home Appliances

Energy prices have risen to unprecedented levels in recent times, and unfortunately, this shows no signs of slowing. This year, bills are expected to be up to 50% higher than the same period two years ago. Many households may now be looking for ways to reduce this figure as much as possible. 

One small change that can achieve huge results is to optimise the use of your household appliances. That’s why here at Pacifica, we’ve compiled this list of energy-saving hacks for your home appliances in the hope that we can help save your wallet this winter.

How to make your washing machine more energy efficient

A washing machine is one of the most frequently used household appliances, handling numerous loads of laundry every week. This means they account for a large portion of your energy bill; however, there are a few steps you can take to help your washing machine run more efficiently:

  • Up to 90% of the energy used by your washing machine goes towards heating the water. By washing your clothes with cold water, you can significantly reduce energy consumption.
  • No matter how full your washing machine is, it always uses the same amount of energy. Therefore, it’s best to make the most of each load, so you should never put your washing machine on if it’s only half full.
  • Go into any supermarket and you’ll find endless shelves of laundry detergent. However, be sure to check the label and use high-efficiency (HE) detergent whenever possible, as this enables shorter cycle times and lower water usage.
  • By pre-treating any stubborn stains, you reduce the need for additional washes.

How to make your dishwasher more energy efficient

Many modern dishwashers are equipped with eco-friendly modes that can reduce energy consumption, so research what settings are available on your machine and utilise these whenever possible. Although dishwashers nowadays are incredibly effective, it’s always helpful to scrape off any leftover food and give your dishes a quick rinse; that way you can prevent clogs, maximise the efficiency of your dishwasher and ensure the best results.

Like washing machines, your dishwasher uses the same amount of energy regardless of load size. Whilst the question of how to load the dishwasher properly can be a contentious subject in many households, you should always wait until you have a full load so that you can make the most out of every cycle.

How to make your kitchen more energy efficient

Making minor adjustments to your cooking approach can have a massive impact on your energy consumption:

  • By meal prepping, batch cooking and planning your meals effectively, you can reduce cooking times and oven usage.
  • Your saucepan lids are there for a reason, so by using them when cooking, you prevent steam from leaking out and take advantage of all available heat. This can cut down the cost of cooking using the hob by a whopping 90%!
  • For those with an induction or electric hob, these appliances work most efficiently when used with appropriately sized pans that entirely cover the size of the ring — this prevents heat from escaping.
  • Believe it or not, the fuller your freezer, the more efficiently it runs. This is because the frozen items help maintain lower temperatures; if you have limited food, you can use ice packs to occupy this space.

Bonus tips on energy saving hacks

Take advantage of off-peak hours

Many energy companies offer cheaper rates throughout off-peak hours as an incentive to customers. The timings may vary depending on your provider, but this typically occurs during nighttime, early mornings or other periods where demand is low. So, whether you’re a night owl or an early riser, you could save a significant amount by using your appliances during these hours.

Upgrade your appliances

Technology is advancing all the time, and by investing in the latest appliances, you can take advantage of all the environmentally friendly settings these products offer. Look out for any goods with an A+++ rating as this represents the highest levels of energy efficiency. 

Invest in repairs and maintenance

Regular repairs and maintenance are essential for keeping your appliances in top working condition. If your appliance develops any issues, this can impact its energy consumption. By having timely repairs performed by a trusted professional like Pacifica, you can ensure that your machine continues to operate efficiently and your energy bill doesn’t rise unnecessarily.

What appliances can I turn off to save on electricity?

Whilst most of us are accustomed to switching off lights when we leave a room, there are other appliances that you can turn off to save on electricity. Vampire devices are so-called because they continue to drain power even when not in use. These can include TVs, smart speakers, microwaves, washing machines, tumble dryers and more. You should turn these appliances off at all the wall whenever possible, as standby mode can still consume a large amount of energy.

Have you encountered issues with your appliances that are impacting their energy efficiency? Get in touch with Pacifica — our friendly team can perform repairs on a huge range of appliances from the country’s leading brands. No matter your issue, we operate nationwide and can get your appliances back on track in no time — simply contact us to book your repair.

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