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Help & Advice: Samsung Fridge Error Codes

Samsung Fridge Error Codes

Samsung is a globally recognised appliance manufacturer, with its operations spanning over 74 countries. They’ve become well known for their innovation and their latest fridges are packed with cutting-edge features that are designed to make your daily life easier. However, given that your Samsung fridge is one of the most used appliances in your home, it’s only natural that it might experience wear over time.

If you’re experiencing problems with your Samsung fridge, you may have noticed an error code appearing on the display. Each code corresponds to a specific issue, and you can use this to determine which area of your fridge is damaged, simplifying the repair process.

Here at Pacifica, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common Samsung fridge error codes that we come across.*

*Every fridge is different and these error codes may not apply to every Samsung model.

How do you do a hard reset on a Samsung fridge?

As we’ve covered above, there may be some instances where you’re required to reset your Samsung fridge. This can be done in two ways: by unplugging the fridge from the power source or by using a combination of buttons. 

If you hold down the Power Freeze and Power Cool buttons at the same time for around five seconds, you should hear a chime and your fridge will restart with its default settings. If your fridge is a Family Hub model, you can perform a reset using the touchscreen.

If you’ve had an error code appear on your Samsung fridge and you’re not quite sure what to do next, contact the team at Pacifica. We’re a manufacturer-approved service provider for Samsung and can carry out a high-quality repair on any fridge – no matter the model or the complexity of the problem. Our experienced engineers work in homes nationwideget in touch to schedule your Samsung fridge repair.

Common Samsung Fridge Error Codes
Error Code
Fault Description
Fridge defrost sensor error: A temperature sensor monitors the temperature of your fridge and adjusts the cooling system if it’s found to be too hot or too cold. A 5E error code indicates that this has failed, so your best course of action is to unplug the fridge and assess the state of the wiring. If this looks in good condition, then the sensor itself may need a complete replacement, so it’s best to consult a professional like Pacifica.
Ambient sensor error: This error code can often flash up after a power outage and can normally be fixed by resetting your fridge. If this doesn’t work then, unfortunately, this indicates that the sensor is broken and will need to be completely replaced.
Ice maker sensor error: If your freezer is equipped with an ice maker, this error code can indicate that the sensor that stops the ice bucket from overfilling has stopped working. Ensure that all of the wiring is still properly connected and if there are no obvious issues then call a professional for help – the sensor may need to be replaced.
Fridge fan error: More often than not, this error code is caused by leaving the fridge door open for too long. To solve this problem, transfer all unspoiled food into a cooler and unplug your fridge for a few hours with the door open to allow the fan time to go back to normal.
Disconnection with Family Hub: The latest Samsung fridge models are equipped with the Family Hub feature: a touchscreen display that allows you to control your smart appliances, browse the web, stream videos and more. This error code signals that your Family Hub has become disconnected; this may be due to a software malfunction or issues with the Wi-Fi and it can usually be fixed by doing a complete reboot of the system.
Water in the autofill compartment: If you get this error code, simply drain the water from the autofill compartment by opening the cap underneath. Then, wipe away any excess water and ensure the surface is dry.
88 88, 83E, 85E, or 86E
Power issue: These error codes indicate that there has been some kind of power outage which can normally be fixed by unplugging the fridge for around five minutes. Should this not resolve the problem, try performing a reset and, failing that, then call upon a professional for help.
Demo mode on: If one of these error codes flashes, this means your fridge is in demo mode, sometimes referred to as cooling off mode. This means that, while your fridge lights up and appears to be working, the cooling function is disabled. The method for how to turn this mode off varies between models, so it’s best to consult your user manual. However, this commonly involves pressing and holding the top two buttons on the left-hand side of the control panel until you hear a chime. For modern models equipped with Family Hub, this can be done using the touchscreen.

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