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Help & Advice: Kitchen Appliance Technology Trends for 2024

Kitchen Appliance Technology Trends for 2024

With summer drawing to a close and the countdown to a new year beginning, now is the perfect time to consider upgrading your kitchen appliances. Whether you want to enhance energy efficiency, modernise your home or simply maximise convenience in your day-to-day life, updating your appliances can offer a whole host of benefits and transform your kitchen into a hub of innovation and ease. 

But what are the upcoming kitchen appliance trends for 2024? The team at Pacifica is at the forefront of the appliance repair industry and we’re here to talk you through the latest products available.

1. Smart fridges

Smart homes transform your property into a hub of connectivity and smart fridges are a key part of this, integrating the latest technology to maximise convenience. As the popularity of smart homes continues to rise, so will the demand for smart fridges.

Samsung is a leading manufacturer of smart fridges, and their latest Family Hub model is packed with useful features to help make your life that little bit easier. Out at the supermarket and you can’t remember whether you need milk? This smart fridge features an internal camera to show you what’s inside your fridge. Want to listen to music as you cook? The Family Hub model is compatible with a number of apps, such as Spotify and Alexa. There’s even a large screen installed on the door where you can precisely control the fridge temperature, write a shopping list and even view footage from your Ring doorbell. 

2. AI ovens

With AI now seemingly infiltrating all other aspects of our daily lives, it was only a matter of time before it made its way into our kitchens. Samsung is at the forefront of the appliance industry in this regard and has integrated AI into its new Series 7 Bespoke AI Oven. This groundbreaking technology can identify what you’re cooking and recommend the optimum temperature and settings, and the oven can be monitored and controlled from the SmartThings app. The budding chefs among us can even use the oven’s internal camera to photograph their dish and live stream footage of it baking! 

3. Induction range cookers

Induction range cookers have grown increasingly common in recent years, and this popularity doesn’t show any sign of waning in 2024. An induction hob uses copper coils that create a magnetic field when electricity flows through them. When you place a magnetic pan on the cooker’s surface, it will heat up rapidly to cook your food in no time. 

As it is the pan that is warmed rather than the hob itself, you’re afforded more precise temperature control and it’s a much safer way of cooking. Induction hobs are also far more energy efficient than their gas counterparts, and with energy bills predicted to remain at a record high over the coming year, this could provide you with valuable savings.

Plenty of leading brands now manufacture their own induction cookers, including Bosch, Smeg and AEG. Rangemaster is a leader in this industry, and their latest advanced induction hob comes equipped with an array of innovative features, including a rapid power boost, a bridging zone, an induction griddle and boil dry protection.

4. Energy-efficient dishwashers

With green practices being encouraged more than ever, we should all be looking at ways we can minimise our environmental impact. Opting for an eco-friendly dishwasher is a win-win; it’s good for the planet and good for your bank balance! This is a field in which Bosch excels and their energy-efficient dishwashers are only expected to grow more popular over the coming year. Their latest Series 8 model has an A+++ energy rating, and its LoadSensor feature detects the load weight before automatically adjusting the volume of water accordingly so that only the necessary amount is used. The PerfectDry technology also reduces energy usage by up to 20%, converting the humidity from the cleaning program into warm air which dries your dishes.

If you’ve noticed a problem with any of your kitchen appliances, the team at Pacifica can help. Whether you’ve got the latest model or an older appliance, we complete repairs on a variety of white goods, including ovens, fridges, dishwashers and cookers. Our highly-trained experts are well-versed in working with an extensive range of brands and strive to always offer speedy repairs so that you’re never left without your appliance for an extended period. 

Our vast team helps homes across the country — simply fill out an online enquiry form to receive a free quote.

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