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Help & Advice: Electrolux EOC Range Oven Error Codes

Electrolux EOC Range Oven Error Codes

If your Electrolux oven has stopped working or is displaying error codes, and you’re not sure what it means – take a read through Pacifica’s detailed troubleshooting guide. It can be confusing to understand whether you’re in need of an engineer call-out or a simple restart and that’s where we comes in: we offer free call-out services across the UK, with flexible payment plans and cover. So if you’re unsure if you need our help, just give the friendly team a call and talk to a professional that can come to your home to repair your Electrolux Oven.

Error Code
Fault Description
F 0
No alarm audible signal. Replace the electronic board
F 1
Door not locking. Check door lock mechanism
F 2
Door not unlocking. Check the door lock mechanism and the control thermostat
F 3
Self Check Error. Disconnect mains and reconnect after 5 minutes
F 4
Temperature Sensor, o/c or s/c. Replace as necessary
F 5
Relay Contacts sticking. Replace electronic board
F 6
Power board temperature too high. Check fan and duct position for correct airflow
F 7
Incorrect mains polarity. Check, reconnect and test
F 8
Power to interface connection. Replace electronic board
F 9
Microprocessor auto-resetting. Disconnect mains and reconnect after 5 minutes

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