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Help & Advice: Dishwasher Maintenance Tips

Dishwasher Maintenance Tips

Dishwashers are one of the more intricate kitchen appliances, and given how much we use them, it’s unsurprising that they require a fair degree of upkeep. To ensure that your dishwasher remains fully functional for its entire lifespan, be sure to internalise the five tips that we’ve provided below.

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Wipe the interior

While your dishwasher is fantastic at cleaning dishes, it’s not great at cleaning itself. This is where you come in. Get a warm, damp cloth or sponge and clean the interior of your dishwasher regularly, removing any dirt and grime. Be sure to clean the space between the door and the bottom of the tub as food residue and mould can accumulate here.

Don’t forget to check your dishwasher’s filter for any foreign objects too, as this can seriously impede performance, or even cause damage during operation.

Never overload

To function properly and clean thoroughly, your dishwasher needs room to breathe. If you overload your dishwasher, you’re severely limiting where the water can actually get to, meaning certain surfaces may not even get touched.

Of course, another problem with overloading your dishwasher is that certain items may end up obstructing the upper or lower spray arms and damage them in the process.

Check the seals

Faulty or ripped seals can lead to your door getting jammed or, worse, leaks. To guard against this, take a warm, soapy cloth and clean around the door. The aim is to ensure no food residue is building up in the seals.

Another common issue with dishwasher doors is misalignment. Open and close the door a few times and see if you notice any resistance. You can also look at the door dead on and see if you notice a slight angle. If so, it might be worth getting in touch with an engineer before the problem gets worse.

Use the right amount of detergent

Unfortunately, more detergent does not equate to cleaner dishes. In fact, adding too much detergent will wear certain parts of your dishwasher over time, so it’s best to stick to the right amount. For solid crockery, the recommended amount is 35g (powder) or 35ml (liquid). Obviously, if you use tablets, never use more than one!

Refill the salt

Very important but often forgotten, dishwasher salt is essential to a successful wash cycle. Refined salt removes limescale from the water which, in turn, prevents the formation of deposits on the crockery. With this in mind, make sure that your salt dispenser is never empty. 

If you’re unsure where your salt dispenser is, it’s usually found at the bottom of your dishwasher near the back. Yes, it can be a bit of a pain to refill, but it’s worth it!

If you’re having trouble with your dishwasher, don’t fret – call Pacifica. With hundreds of technicians on call nationwide, you can rest assured that we can have someone with you in no time. All of our technicians are fully trained and CRB vetted, so you get peace of mind when you choose us. For more information, or to book a repair, give us a call today.

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