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Help & Advice: Common Signs That Your Fridge Freezer Needs Repairing

Common Signs That Your Fridge Freezer Needs Repairing

There are many appliances in our home that we would all probably consider essential, but there shouldn’t really be any doubt about which one is the most essential. That’s right – it’s the fridge-freezer. No dishwasher? No problem, a sponge and some elbow grease will do fine. No washing machine? Sure, it’s not ideal, but you can always go to a laundrette. No fridge though? That’s a real problem. 

So, if you’ve noticed a nagging issue with your fridge-freezer, you will understandably be concerned. But don’t worry, the Pacifica team is here to walk you through the most common problems with fridge-freezers and when the right time is to call in the professionals.

My fridge-freezer is leaking

If you’ve noticed a puddle on the floor near your fridge and there’s no puppy or kitten in the vicinity, then your fridge could well be leaking. A leaky fridge is usually caused by a faulty seal, but it could also be caused by a damaged water supply valve or a clogged defrost drain, so unless you’re completely sure that it’s just a dodgy seal, it’s best to call in an expert like the team here at Pacifica.

My electricity bill has gone up

If your electricity bill has gone up but you’ve not been blasting the radiators, the problem could well be with your fridge. It’s not uncommon for an unhealthy fridge to consume more energy than normal to function properly, so if you think this might be the case, then it’s best to give a reputable appliance repair team a call.

My fridge is making more noise than usual

All fridges make some noise but if yours is making more noise than usual (anything above a gentle hum), then that’s a pretty good indicator that something’s wrong. A noisy fridge could point towards a variety of different problems, so it’s best to simply call a professional if you notice this.

My fridge is hot to touch

While it seems counterintuitive, fridges actually generate quite a bit of heat when they’re keeping your food cool. However, if your fridge is actually hot to touch, the chances are something isn’t quite right with the motor, so it would be best to get this fixed as soon as possible.

My food keeps going off/moldy

Sometimes your fridge might seem OK at first glance, but then you notice that the contents of your fridge keeps going off before its use-by date. This is much easier to spot if you buy lots of fresh produce and dairy. If this is happening to you, then the chances are that your fridge’s cooler is faulty and you should get a repair booked immediately.

My freezer has completely frozen over!

If the inside of your freezer looks like an ice cave, then this could mean one of two things: 1) there’s something wrong with your door seal and the freezer won’t close properly, or 2) there is something seriously wrong internally. If you’re pretty certain that it’s not 1), then your best bet is to call an expert to get a repair booked in.

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