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Help & Advice: Candy Washer Dryer Error Codes

Candy Washer Dryer Error Codes

Here at Pacifica we understand how frustrating it can be when your appliance experiences an error and you have no idea where to start to troubleshoot it. That is why we have put together this comprehensive guide to understanding Candy washer dryer error codes.

If you have read through this guide, and are still not sure what you can do to resolve the error code call a technician and quote the problem that you have identified. If you need appliance repair, call Pacifica for free call-outs nationwide.

Candy CMD Washer Dryer
Error Code
Fault Description
1 Flash
Interlock or wiring to it
2 Flashes
Filling time-out if basic level not reached within 5.5 minutes
3 Flashes
Failed to drain after 4 minutes
4 Flashes
Anti-flood pressure switch activated
5 Flashes
NTC fault or wiring to it
6 Flashes
Faulty Coreboard (module) or wiring
7 Flashes
Motor or Drum jammed
8 Flashes
Tacho fault or motor jammed
9 Flashes
Motor triac blown on Coreboard
10 Flashes
Not used
11 Flashes
Faulty dryer module or wiring to it
12 Flashes
Communication error between Coreboard and Display Board
13 Flashes
Communication error between Coreboard and Display Board

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