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Help & Advice: Bosch Fridge Freezer Error Codes

Bosch Fridge Freezer Error Codes

If your Bosch Fridge Freezer is displaying error codes then the table below can give you further assistance to solve the repair. If you are unsure what the error codes mean or if you require further assistance then please feel free to contact Pacifica and talk to a professional that can come to your home to repair your Bosch Fridge Freezer.


Error Code
Fault Description
Refrigerator compartment temperature sensor is faulty
Freezer compartment temperature sensor is faulty
Temperature-controlled drawer temperature sensor is faulty
Main control board module is faulty
The display control module is faulty
Ambient temperature sensor is faulty
Communication error between the main control board module and display control module
Communication error between the display control module and ice and water dispenser control module
Electronics have detected fault

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