Community at our heart

Giving back gives us so much more.

In our work with Local Authorities all over the UK we discovered an opportunity to do some good and help the most vulnerable in those communities.

Our partners in Local Authorities are often aware of vulnerable residents, many with severe health conditions. Finding safe and functioning white goods often isn’t easy or even possible for these people, despite that much of our daily lives depends on our white goods functioning perfectly.

Where would we be without a fridge to keep our food fresh, or a washing machine to keep us in clean clothes? These basic dignities shouldn’t be an unobtainable luxury for anybody, so we’ve teamed up with our local authority partners to provide these goods to those most in need.

Engineer installing washing machine

How it works:

  • Local authority identifies resident in need
  • A written request for support is submitted to 0800 Repair
  • This is often based on social worker assessments and the residents’ ability to pay for the goods and services themselves
  • 0800 Repair contact the customer directly and install the appliance free of charge

Who we help

Mr X is one of the people we’ve helped through the scheme. This is what happened:

  • Mr. X, 67, identified by his local authority in Middlesbrough. He has mobility and mental health issues, and was struggling to keep warm with his solid-fuel open fireplace.
  • A further inspection revealed that his refrigerator was extremely old and inefficient, dating back to the 1970s.
  • 0800 Repair got in touch to install some new appliances in his home. His old refrigerator was replaced, and after installation of a new one our 0800 Repair team explained to him how to get the best out of it.
Mr X said: “I think it’s a wonderful scheme for people like me. I’m really happy and so grateful. Over the moon.”
Middlesborough Environment City, the local authority who contacted us on Mr X’s behalf said: “The community appliance scheme from 0800 Repair is quick and simple and provides valuable help to our most vulnerable clients.”
Engineer installing fridge
Know who needs support? If you're a local charity and know of people in need, let us know.
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