Within Pacifica Group Ltd we provide end to end software and fulfilment solutions to some of the UK’s largest high street retailers.

Our software platform branded ‘Complete Service’ creates a managed environment for retail items being returned by the customer back to the shop or store. It provides the business rules, soft service advice, workflow procedures and supply chain integration and management for virtually any type of product. For example, domestic brown and white goods, jewellery, furniture, bicycles, electronic goods including cameras and many more.

Our software provides seamless end to end procedural management from guiding the sales advisor to repair the product or offer a refund, to notifying the courier to collect the product and take it back to the manufacturer. There is end to end progress tracking visibility including ensuring the product has been re-delivered back to the shop or store, and automatically notifying the customer that the product is ready for collection.

Complete Service also provides sophisticated and detailed product insight via dashboard reporting, specifically built for product buyers to understand the performance of each product. This includes product and component failure, actual quality levels (AQL), spare part usage plus much more. This empowers the buyer to make informed decisions about buying strategies, manufacturer recourse and spare part commercial arrangements.

Our pedigree in the product return market can be evidenced by the tangible benefits Complete Service has achieved for several blue chip retailers.

These benefits include;

  • Significant bottom line savings by following the repair process rather than the replace process
  • Improved customer experience by reducing the time-cycles, tracking visibility and automated notifications
  • Reduction in resource costs due to substantially reduced administration tasks and ‘ultra light touch’ user experience
  • Virtually zero implementation disruption, virtual set-up with no I.T. input required from client side

To supplement our software solutions, we also provide consultancy services and data analytics to assist with performance improvement, manufacturer relationships and commercial negotiations based on evidence led data.

Please contact us for further information or a demonstration of Complete Service.

Returns Excellence

  • Large team of multiple industry experts
  • Large team of technical operators
  • 24/7 support
  • Pedigree in deliver profit and performance improvement
  • Agile and innovate; small and large projects

Returns Expertise

  • Experts in hardware, software, middleware, applications, system integration
  • Pedigree in process re-engineering and automation
  • Web & ecommerce experts
  • MIS and dashboarding capabilities
  • Project management expertise


We would be delighted to discuss what we do in more detail, so please contact us to discuss.