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JTM Contracts provides a nationwide repair service for domestic white, brown and digital appliances, including specialist swap-out services, spares distribution and warehousing.

At the heart of our service is a national network of over 400 repair agents/companies who operate according to agreed high standards and fixed price charges. Working closely with our dedicated contact centre, the engineers form a robust service infrastructure; your assurance of consistent high standards. Your customers will receive clear, concise information, always with due regard to the nature and severity of their individual needs.

Our aim is to instil confidence, create clarity about “what happens next” at every stage of a customer’s dealings 

with us, and provide a central point of contact to support them throughout the repair process.

Client Proposition

The development of our services has been driven by a clear focus on the needs of our clients, and their customers, and we now offer a comprehensive range of services that provide:

  • One-stop-shop to support our clients
  • Full control over the cost of repairs
  • Customer Contact Centre
  • Inbound and Outbound management of the end user
  • Back Office Management and Control
  • Network Management (over 400 service agents)
  • Failure Rate Monitoring and Reports
  • Spares Storage and Distribution
  • Direct Ordering of Spares from Source
  • Engineer Training
  • Technical Support

Access to our repairer network ensures a complete solution, whether customers experience a basic breakdown, or total loss of a faulty product.

Repair requests range from the standard breakdown of appliances covered by residential policies to failures resulting from an electricity network over voltage or home emergency.

Summary of Services

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Download Our Brochure

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Contact Details

For more information about the services available from JTM Contracts, please contact:

Telephone: +44(0) 1909 569 888
Fax: +44(0) 191 389 4689


Suite 3
Hallam House
Waterside Business Park
S25 3QA